This week’s Episode has the Thr3e crew touching on those tacky issues; those curious questions guys have about girls and vice-versa. You want to know why men cheat or why ladies are soooo complicated? Download this Episode to find out. Plus there are loads of other details embedded in this week’s podcast which you shouldn’t … More CURIOUS Qs


Do you get pissed off when you enter a bus and someone stands up to preach? How about those folks who carry megaphones and ring bells on the street? Oh yes! There is also the class of BBM Broadcasters who threaten doom and disease if you do not forward a ‘Jesus-is-Lord’ message. But of course, … More PREACH!


EVERYBODY has a weakness! But some of us deny this! And for those who would have wanted to open up about their weakness(es), they have been forced to shut up because fellow Christians are quick to ‘kill’ with their tongues and eyes. Accountability! Is there any benefit in telling a fellow human about our mortal … More ACCOUNTABILITY