Case of the Ex

Click the photo to download Ex’s have an interesting way of showing up especially when you are in a new relationship and start acting like you never had reasons for breaking up. So we ask the questions: Should you still be friends with your Ex? Should you still hang out and have ‘harmless’ lunch dates … More Case of the Ex


CLICK PHOTO TO DOWNLOAD In this episode we take off the lid and talk about things both sexes can do to show love One of the critical questions posed is: does having sex equal showing love? We also feature a guest who takes us on a thrill on genius lovey-dovey romantic ways to show ladies … More LOVE & LOVING


CLICK PHOTO TO DOWNLOAD In this episode guys scream against hair nets Ladies criminalize body odour This is Grooming 101 folks and you need to listen in! Find out what both sexes can’t stand about each other when it comes to grooming Its hilarious, it’s fun, it’s inspiring…it’s THR3E!!! @Thr3epodcast