Gyne Ordeals

On this episode of Thr3e, Gina and Christie chat about the possibility of they getting into a relationship with a Gynecologist. Considering that his job will require the touching of breasts and assessing the vagina etc, it seems like too much to handle for the ladies. You will want to hear this! Click here to … More Gyne Ordeals

Oliver Twists

Following our episode on Unadulterous Affairs, we got comments asking us to have a part 2. With Oliver Twists, we attempt to respond to those requests. This episode, we dig deep into the consequences of persons in relationships who expect so much from their partner but never give of themselves. Just like the historical Oliver … More Oliver Twists

Unadulterous Affairs

This week, Thr3e podcast shines the light on those non-sexual relationships we have with people other than our spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. How close can we get with persons of the opposite sex who aren’t our partners? So the question is asked: are you emotionally cheating on those you have committed to? Click here to download

Everyday Picassos

Eyebrows on fleek, skin exfoliation, hair extensions etcetera have become beauty commandments for some ladies. With the almost miraculous transformation that occurs from using make-up, some think its deceptive. On this episode, we hit the ‘streets’ and ask both guys and ladies what they think about make-up. Taha also gets quite personal regarding the impact … More Everyday Picassos