THR3E (22)

THR3E is a weekly podcast produced by In His Steps magazine and it features downright honest discussions on lifestyle issues encountered by the tech savvy, upwardly mobile, 21st century Christian. We also run interviews, and feature uplifting musicals. Issues are trashed out from diverse perspectives with conclusions being drawn from the Word of God.

The first episode of THR3E was broadcast on November 19, 2012 and it currently is being syndicated on two online platforms: Gospel Music Naija and and via our FM channel. As a result of its rich content, THR3E has drawn in listeners from around the world, with Nigeria and United Kingdom being at the top of the chart. THR3E now also currently airs on Praise World Radio every Monday from 4.30pm to 5:00pm as well as TruthBeatz FM every Wednesday from 5.00pm to 5.30pm

It is called THR3E because the number 3 plays a significant role in our Christian faith – talk about the Trinity, our salvation which was sealed by Christ’s resurrection on the 3rd day, the three-fold cord in marriage etc.

And like we say: it’s all for His Fame and Glory


Mary Martha Matthews whose real name is Adetola Adetayo is a vibrant lady who’s got a lot of energy and love to spread round. She is a graduate of Biology from Clayton State University, Georgia. She is a lover of Creative Arts, from writing to acting and everything in between and she one day hopes to feature on Broadway!

Twitter: @tolaadetayo

Gina Castel is a rising actress who has played roles in movies such as WHEN IS IT ENOUGH alongside Stella Damasus, among so many more. She is multi-talented with skills in designing, imitation, modeling etc. She is of the Ghanaian descent but is every bit a Nigerian.

Twitter: @ginacastel

Bayo Okeowo is the Editor and Publisher of In His Steps magazine, producers of THR3E. He is a Lawyer and a huge fan of Ted Dekker, Frank Perreti & Francine Rivers. His writing has won him a number of recognitions and awards. He believes in living for a purpose bigger than himself, all for the glory of God.

Twitter: @AdebayOkeowo


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