After the Breakup

What do you do when you break up with someone? Unfollow them on Twitter? Delete their numbers? Burn their photos? What are the acceptable and downright ridiculous things people do after a break up? Thr3e takes a look in this funny but real discussion. Check it out! Click here to download

The Age Drama

So the argument is that it is wrong to ask a woman for her age. Please who came up with this rule? Why is it so important anyway? And why do women make a fuss about their age while it seems cool to ask men their age. This argument is hot and you need to … More The Age Drama

Ain’t All Pretty

Do you think there are people who aren’t pretty? People who you will perhaps call ugly? In this episode of Thr3e, we sit with the organizers of the Image:IAM fashion show and unpack the idea of individual beauty. You don’t want to miss this. Click here to download