After the Breakup

What do you do when you break up with someone? Unfollow them on Twitter? Delete their numbers? Burn their photos? What are the acceptable and downright ridiculous things people do after a break up? Thr3e takes a look in this funny but real discussion. Check it out! Click here to download

Denominational Love

As Christians, we have created a division that never existed in the early Church recorded in Acts. The division is now influencing so many things we do including who we court or marry. Should church denomination be one of those things to consider before going into a relationship with someone of the opposite sex? The … More Denominational Love


Download: According to Gina and Dwizzle, there is a difference between love and LOVE. While one is human, the other is divine. They share on how we need to accept Christ’s LOVE before we can even love others and attract them to the Cross as well. Salvation is at the heart of this episode … More LOVE

Oliver Twists

Following our episode on Unadulterous Affairs, we got comments asking us to have a part 2. With Oliver Twists, we attempt to respond to those requests. This episode, we dig deep into the consequences of persons in relationships who expect so much from their partner but never give of themselves. Just like the historical Oliver … More Oliver Twists

Unadulterous Affairs

This week, Thr3e podcast shines the light on those non-sexual relationships we have with people other than our spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend. How close can we get with persons of the opposite sex who aren’t our partners? So the question is asked: are you emotionally cheating on those you have committed to? Click here to download

Married with Two Beds

This week,we discuss the topic: Married with two beds and ask the question: should married couples sleep in different bedrooms? If the Bible says what God has joined together, let no one put asunder, does sleeping in separate bedrooms make the cut? Plug in to the conversation Click here to download

Case of the Ex

Click the photo to download Ex’s have an interesting way of showing up especially when you are in a new relationship and start acting like you never had reasons for breaking up. So we ask the questions: Should you still be friends with your Ex? Should you still hang out and have ‘harmless’ lunch dates … More Case of the Ex